The Maxx Iron Man Edition combines the extravagant comfort experience of the Maxx chair with the trademark Iron Man armor design.

Invincible Design

Suit up for the Iron Man’s trademark armor. Although there isn’t a Jarvis that comes with it, rest assured that it is backed by our top notch quality and user experience while you indulge in masterpiece.

Built for Extravagant Comfort

Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist - You can be all of them now! Relax in high-end luxury with combined faux leather and velour upholstery. Feel the difference of living in the apex of life.

Adjustable Ergonomic Features

Comes with maximum customizability, the Maxx Iron Man Edition offers 155 degree recline with 20 degree lockable tilt so you always find your own sweet spot. Equipped with mechanical 4D adjustable armrests that allows you to place your arms on your desired position all the time! Don’t like to move around that much? Anchor your Maxx Iron Man with the 65mm XL lockable castors.

Soft Texture

Satisfy your inner CEO onboard the plush, luxurious feeling of the velour polyester fabric which keeps your feet comfortable and warm during your long business or battle sessions.

Waterproof Fabric

The material is also waterproof enough to keep your battle station moisture-free while also making this armored floorpad easy to clean.