Our Story

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a TTRacing gaming chair? Keep reading this page to find out more.

Engineered Comfort

Thanks to a combination of advanced craftsmanship techniques and ergonomics research, our gaming chairs are sure to help you relax or work better from the moment you sit down. Each of our chairs is meticulously designed and inspected down to the finest detail to create both a stylish and comfortable work of art. Even our parts are created to have smooth movement so you can adjust your comfort experience according to your preferred angles.

Creating Comfortable Gaming Chairs Since 2017

Since founding our company in 2017, TTRacing is always about seating the future. We believe that great performance comes from having the right amount of furniture to keep you comfortable. From our top-quality materials to our smooth chair parts, our chair is designed to give the best comfort experience imaginable to get the most out of your performance. We guarantee TTRacing gaming chairs to be the best companion.


Industry-Leading Construction and Development

Our chair frame is made from the strongest steel tubes that are capable of holding more weight than that of the chair. These steel tubes are also ultra-durable against most forms of damage, making them the perfect gaming chairs for long-term usage.

Precise Product Engineering and Testing

We meticulously design each part down to the last detail to create a stylish and comfortable work of art. We also make sure that each chair part works smoothly so that customers can get the best out of their comfort experience. Our chairs are subjected to standardized and customized tests to ensure that they not only meet global industry standards, but also exceed them.

Automated Robotic Foam Shaping

Our gaming chairs are made from the finest quality cold cure foam that offer the best support for our users possible. The foam is shaped through a state-of-the-art automated process that produces hundreds of chair parts in a single time.

Cutting-edge Upholstery Fabrication

The upholstery is made from high-quality smooth and soft textiles, including leather and fabrics that give the chair long hours of comfort to work and play effectively. We use precise cutting machines to cut the textiles according to the provided measurements so that it fits the chair.

Automated Machine Embroidery And Dying

Each chair is embroidered and dyed to give them it’s unique identity. You can expect a stylish and trendy chair design with the TTRacing logo as a symbol of quality and ergonomic comfort.

Complex Sewing And Stitching Techniques

The textiles and fabrics are sewn together precisely to create the perfect and stylish chair upholstery. Not only does the stitching hold the fabrics together but they also offer the perfect amount of resistance that keeps you seated in the chair during any kind of activity for hours.

Highly Skilled Assembly Line

Each chair part, including the frame, foam and upholstery, is assembled by a team of highly trained factory workers. Top-quality cold cure foam is combined with our upholstery before being applied on to the frame. This intricate process, though much more slower, eliminates any trivial creases that would otherwise affect your comfort experience. The result is a comfortable and ergonomic chair which becomes your great companion during any kind of activity.

Quality Assurance and Inspection

We work hard to make our gaming chairs as perfect as possible. Our inspectors thoroughly check any chair parts for any defects. At TTRacing, compromising on quality is not an option and we want to make sure all our chairs function smoothly.


To ensure the safety of all our customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, all of the chair parts go through a stringent disinfection process to make sure they are cleaned of any contaminants like germs or viruses. This way, the chair is safe to use when it reaches the user.

Packaging And Final Inspection

After going through a final inspection for defects or damages, all of the chair parts are packaged and stored in a warehouse until ready for transport.

Loading To A Journey of Comfort

Once the order is placed, all our chairs are transported to their intended destinations and ready to comfort users for the long term.

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