TTRacing Duo V4 Gaming Chair - Stormtrooper Edition

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Futuristic and Minimalist

Imbued with the iconic aesthetics of a Stormtrooper, the Duo V4 Stormtrooper chair manifests as the epitome of advanced gaming furniture design. It boasts an expansively sculpted backrest, a generously broadened seat base, and an innovatively constructed waterfall edge, all synergistically designed to foster ultimate ergonomic ease. Encapsulated in lavish PU leather, this chair reflects the refined polish of a Stormtrooper's armor, bestowing a silky, opulent seating experience that augments every gaming encounter. With the Duo V4, you're not merely gaming — you're commanding the digital arena in unmatched style and comfort, parallel to the elite of the galaxy.

Improved Armrests with Enhanced Durability

Built with an extra layer of support and tougher than ever, industrial grade polypropylene is used to withstand an incredible amount of physical stress and strain. The armrests are cushioned as well, creating a relaxing space for the arms and elbows in any preferred posture. On the Duo V4, the armrests are spaced widely apart with a curve along the front, allowing for a cross-legged position.

All-new SeatFit™ Seat Base

The Duo V4 seat base is enhanced with SeatFit™ technology that allows you to get the most out of your seating experience. It is the ideal support for anyone, with curved edges on both sides and a waterfall front design. Preventing unwanted motion while allowing flexibility and ease of movement, and ensuring blood circulation is always at its optimal level to eliminate numbness after extended periods of inactivity. Built bigger and wider with an open-ended structure, you’d be sure to fit in the Duo V4 seamlessly with large enough seating space.

135-Degree Tilt-In-Space

The Duo V4 is capable of tilting up to 135 degrees backwards. Sit back and relax. It is as if you are tilting in space, allowing your body to experience the feeling of lower gravity. Lock and unlock the tilting feature with just a simple slotting mechanism, easy and on the go.

Impeccable Upholstery

The Duo V4 gaming chair, embracing the Stormtrooper aesthetic, is cloaked in smooth, high-grade PU leather that exudes an aura of uncompromising elegance and distinction within your setting.Its robust upholstery offers comfort mirroring a Stormtrooper's armor. Whether you are immersed in a high-stakes gaming showdown or concentrated work deliberations, the Duo V4 Stormtrooper integrates commanding elegance into your space. It ensures not just comfort but an extraordinary seating experience, transforming moments into stellar performance.

Full-Tilt Butterfly Mechanism

The Duo V4 comes with a full-tilt butterfly mechanism, which provides more stability than a standard mechanism. Adjust the tilt function easily by turning the circular tension knob clockwise or anticlockwise.

Heavy Duty SGS-Certified Hydraulic Piston

Heavy duty SGS-certified hydraulic piston is the top industry standard, with a lower shaft to provide the chair with exceptional stability. It has a smooth 360-degree rotation along its axis and various height adjusting levels of up to 8 cm. Its sturdy aluminium shell makes it extremely durable and corrosion-resistant.

All-new Heavy Duty Elevated Nylon Wheelbase

A brand-new elevated nylon wheelbase is designed for maximum stability and durability. Built with a slight elevation for optimal chair height and even weight distribution throughout the chair.

Heavy Duty PU Caster

The 6cm diameter PU casters can rotate 360 degrees along its moving axis. The casters are made of rubber, which allows them to glide smoothly across most flooring surfaces without causing damage to the casters or the surface itself.