TTRacing Maxx Gaming Chair - Marvel Collectors Edition

(Disney 100th Anniversary Limited Edition)

Limited to 800 units worldwide

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An Exclusive Masterpiece For Disney 100 Years of Wonder

As a tribute to Disney's magical 100th Anniversary, TTRacing has released the latest limited edition of TTRacing Maxx Gaming Chair - Marvel Collector's Edition. This rare collection is crafted with the enchantment of Disney storytelling, bringing forth all of the Marvel Avengers’ characters to be united together. The platinum-themed Pearlescent PU perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Disney's 100-year heritage, which reflects the optimism and innovation of Disney in celebration of this momentous occasion. The White color and Pearlescent PU leather gives the chair the perfect blend to stand out in any background settings. The combination of the white PU leather and the white velour fabric offers superior heat dissipation, giving you the utmost comfort during extended gaming sessions.

All Your Favorite Avengers in ONE Signature Design

Inspired by the legendary heroes of the Avengers, the chair is designed to appreciate the spirit of valour and selflessness that defines the Avengers with a thematic diorama that brings to life some of the most iconic characters in the Marvel universe, bringing forth the ultimate symbol of Heroism.

155° Full Recline With Multi-Tilt Mechanism: Sit & Recline With Ease

Unwind in style with the Maxx Marvel Collector's Edition chair's dynamic multi-tilt function and complete 155-degree recline, which will allow you to experience the maximum relaxation that this chair has to offer to overcome fatigue and recharge. Relax and adjust the movement to your preference as you recline and let your thoughts wander.

Stunning Embroidery Masterpiece That Perfectly Captures All Avengers

The logo of the Avengers was skillfully embroidered onto the back of the chair with a distinctive stitch pattern that pays tribute to all of the Marvel characters who had banded together to defend the world. The pattern of stitches represents the coming together of the Marvel Avengers, united in strength and teamwork with an unbreakable connection that exists between them. The collection is extremely rare and is only available in 800 pieces worldwide; additionally, the rear of each chair features a collector's edition number that is unique to the Maxx Marvel Collector’s Edition chair.

4D Armrests for Optimal Arm & Shoulder Mobility

The 4D armrests provide support for the arms and shoulders. The 4D-Adjustable Armrest is aimed to provide a customizable sitting experience by allowing you to adjust the armrest to give the utmost comfort to your arm, shoulder, and body positioning. This allows you to sit in a position that is most comfortable for you, perfect for lounging, typing, or playing your favorite game.

Memory Foam Lumbar & Neck Pillows For Ultimate Comfort

The Maxx Avengers Collector’s Edition chair is equipped with a Lumbar and Neck memory foam pillows for support that will fit your body’s natural curves. The off-white colour of the cushion has a neutral blend that will look great with any room settings. Now you can make your working day more comfortable and efficient as you would be able to maintain your posture while working with these memory foam pillows.

Equipped With Heavy Duty Class-4 Hydraulics Made For All Heroes & Heroins

The Maxx Avengers Collector’s Edition chair is equipped with Heavy Duty Class-4 Hydraulics, which are built to manage heavy loads easily and provide support for extended periods of time. Coupled with the chair's large steel frame, this built-in hydraulics is able to accommodate users of all sizes and weight classes.

Aluminium Alloy Wheelbase For Long Lasting Performance

The chair's wheelbase is constructed out of a high-quality aluminium metal that guarantees the chair's strength and durability making it last for a long time. The aluminium alloy that is frequently used in the aerospace and automotive industries provides the wheelbase with properties that protect it from rust and corrosion.