TTRacing Duo V4 Air Threads Fabric Gaming Chair - BunnyBliss

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Enchantingly Ergonomic - Meet the BunnyBliss Elegance

Introducing the Duo V4 - BunnyBliss, a chair that seamlessly combines turquoise allure with top-tier ergonomic design. Dive into extended hours of work or play, cocooned in a fabric designed to maximize coolness and minimize fatigue.

Embrace Endless Comfort with
BunnyBliss's Cushy Armrests

Our BunnyBliss Duo V4's armrests in dreamy turquoise are crafted to be your arms' favorite resting spot. Beyond their delightful hue, they sprinkle joy into every moment. With an extra layer of cushioning and a design that accommodates every posture, they're the ideal resting spot for weary arms during intense gaming or work sessions.

Hop into Comfort with BunnyBliss's SeatFit™ Base

Dive into the turquoise oasis of the BunnyBliss chair, featuring our all-new SeatFit™ technology. Designed with adorable curved edges and a gentle waterfall front, it ensures you hop, sit, and relax with the utmost comfort.The spacious and snug seat ensures your every moment is cozy, from brief breaks to extended gaming or work marathons.

Tilt & Relax with BunnyBliss's Dreamy Recline

Dive into pure relaxation as the turquoise BunnyBliss chair offers a magical 135-degree tilt. Experience the serene turquoise dreamscape, evoking feelings of weightlessness and pure relaxation. Locking and unlocking your dreamy recline is just a simple slot away, making your comfort transitions effortless.

Cuddle Up in BunnyBliss's Dreamy Turquoise Fabric

Dive into the soft embrace of the Duo V4 BunnyBliss chair, crafted with the smoothest turquoise fabric.Its whimsical and breathable upholstery feels like a gentle bunny's touch, keeping you fresh and cool during intense gaming or work sessions. Enriched with innovative cooling technology, this chair promises cloud-like comfort, ensuring you always stay in your best form.

BunnyHop into Style

Elevate your livestream persona with BunnyBliss's iconic bunny ears. Simply unclip the ears from your chair and adorn your hair for that adorable bunny flair. Perfect for those who adore a touch of whimsical charm.

Hop into Cuteness with Bunnytail

Let Bunnytail transform your chair into a cute centerpiece! With its easy-to-attach button mechanism, it seamlessly blends with your chair, adding a splash of charm and vibrancy to your surroundings.

Triple the Warmth with
BunnyBites Arm Warmers Plush

Experience unprecedented comfort with our BunnyBites arm warmer. Perfectly designed for hand-warming, it also doubles as a cozy plush pillow and a nap-time companion. Cute and highly versatile!

Hop into Full-Tilt Wonderland with BunnyBliss

The Duo V4 BunnyBliss chair is equipped with butterfly mechanism, offering more stability as you lean back. With just a twist of its magical tension knob, indulge in varying tilt angles, embracing both relaxation and focus. Experience a fairy-tale seating journey, effortlessly shifting between work and play, all wrapped in delightful turquoise.

Hop High or Low with BunnyBliss's Heavy Duty Hydraulic Piston

The Duo V4 BunnyBliss chair boasts an SGS-certified hydraulic piston, blending strength with turquoise splendor. Revel in the joy of smooth twirls and height tweaks, making every seating experience a fairy-tale delight. With its sturdy aluminium shell, it's more than just a pretty chair - it's a promise of enduring beauty.

Heavy Duty Elevated Nylon Wheelbase

Made from elevated nylon, this wheelbase offers fairy-tale stability to your turquoise throne. The slight elevation ensures your enchanted seating is just right, making every glide feel like a glide through a dreamy cloudscape.